Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Marriage Vows


When you choose your Marriage Celebrant you are choosing someone who will be directing and steering the very heart of your wedding ceremony.

It is important that you and your celebrant have the same beliefs and ideals and that you make a connection with him/her on a personal level.

Your celebrant can be instrumental in providing invaluable assistance to ensure your ceremony is everything you desire.  Remember this is your very special day and your ceremony will set the benchmark for the rest of the celebrations.

The celebrant will ensure your ceremony flows smoothly, meets all legal requirements and reflects the very unique relationship of the bride and groom. 

Book your Celebrant as soon as you have a confirmed wedding date.

Most celebrants take bookings up to 12 months to 2 years in advance.

A good celebrant will suggest a rehearsal to help you, your wedding party and your parents feel comfortable and relaxed.  He/she will also provide you will sample material  i.e. ceremonies, vows, poetry etc.  If there is one way to make your ceremony truly yours, it’s the act of writing your personal wedding vows.  Personalising your vows allow you to express yourselves as individuals and as partners.

The celebrant should be a good listener and be prepared to provide testimonials from previous ceremonies, assist you with the documentation and be available to answer all your questions.  Ask if the celebrant can supply a signing table, microphones, floral displays and other ceremony enhancement packages.

I believe that every couple and every wedding is unique.

Whether your ceremony is a small informal affair or a large traditional celebration I provide all couples with the same level of commitment and professionalism to ensure the romance and wedding traditions are not compromised.

Flexibility and a sense of humour are two very important attributes to assist a couple to de-stress, relax and treasure the experience of their wedding day.

It is my job to make sure that happens…

The bottom line is – It is your day.    Happy Planning.

                     By Jools MacKnight,  Registered Marriage Celebrant.

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