Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Doing the Right thing at the Right time

This 1-4 month formative period is the time when we absolutely need to expose our pups systematically and positively to new experiences and situations. It is the time when our pup learns about their family’s needs and wants ( the family rules ), so a pup needs intense immersion in the family’s life and situations that they will be part of as they mature into an adult dog. We need to introduce them to a wide variety of other dogs, types of people, species and situations. Also ensure you expose them to lots of novel environments and circumstances so they get used to changing environments and don’t become sensitive to change. However, make sure you also teach them how to separate from you and be alone for periods of time so become ok with their own company. One of the most common mistakes we make is having our pup with us all the time when they are young, making them overly dependent on us, which can create separation distress issues later on.

Your puppy will be your most loyal friend and will stick by you no matter what, so please remember they need to become their own little self first.



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