Tuesday, May 14th, 2013


“I was just following my nose sniffing around trees..how was I to know I’d get lost”

How would you feel if your beloved dog was to suddenly disappeared?

Getting lost happens all too easily and far too often to our companion animals.   The ensuing uncertainty and heartbreak affects families throughout New Zealand until, hopefully, their animal comes home.

There is a positive way you can improve your dog’s safety and security…the microchip…a simple and effective tool in reuniting you with your lost dog.

The New Zealand Companion Animal Register provides an identification and retrieval system for all microchipped animals, offering user-friendly access to a comprehensive register for you, veterinarians, the SPCA, local authorities and animal retrieval companies, all helping to reunite animals with their owners and guardians.

The Christchurch Earthquake in February 2012 proved the value of dogs being microchipped.   By mid-July, 85% of straying microchipped dogs and cats had been reunited with their owners with the vast majority only requiring a single phone call.

Microchipping is an absolute invaluable tool and any threat of cancer, realignment of the chip or cost seem barely an issue any more.

The benefits of microchipping have never been better illustrated than in this recent lovely story……

A beautiful Pembroke Corgi “Duncan” went missing from his Las Vegas home nearly 11 years ago… he simply vanished one day…his owners searched high and low and advertised widely.

Duncan ended up in a dog shelter and was subsequently adopted by an elderly woman who died a few months ago and her daughter took Duncan to her home in Missouri.  But again Duncan wandered away and was picked up by a local dog rescue group. They discovered that he was microchipped which had somehow gone unchecked!

After nearly 11 years, Duncan was reunited with his original owners.

To learn more about how you can microchip your dog and how this wonderful service works, visit www.animalregister.co.nz


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