Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Duffy goes to WellyWood

“Ooooh look there’s a litter ready now in Wanaka !….let’s go and just look….we don’t have to get one ” Famous last words….. one look at Duffy’s sweet face and we caved.  
Five long weeks later we waited anxiously at Wellington airport for our little darling to arrive by plane. We even took photos of the wrong plane landing not realizing he had sneaked in early. 


The neat and tidy home we had left behind soon resembled a bomb site with chewed detritus strewn artfully across the once smooth polished floor. By Friday of the first week, sleep deprived and in need of a computer that hadn’t been sabotaged by a puppy we headed to the NZRU with Duffy, to introduce him to the world of Rugby. Duffy soon earned the title of ‘Chick Magnet’ as he became surrounded by adoring young women on the staff there.  
In response he left his calling card under the desk of Community Rugby before being whisked off for a photo shoot with the Bledisloe Cup. Awwww!Our own little All Black in World Cup Year… If only we’d had him a few weeks earlier we could have got him to chew on the World Cup itself!Needless to say he left the building with his own tiny rugby ball proudly between his teeth.  
In the ten short days we’ve had Duffy he has also become a beach puppy, developed a taste for seaweed and learnt to dig meaningless holes in the sand…… we think this means he’s intelligent….He’s also been “helping” his new mum in the art studio. Some of his jobs there have so far been removing one paintbrush at a time to gnaw it to death before starting on the next, randomly selecting various art materials and dragging them out for inspection and further gnawing….a World of Wearable Art garment in the making perhaps? At the end of each day we extract him from whatever ribbons and rope he has become entangled in and wipe the fresh paint from his nose and paws freeing him to wander the newly fenced garden before assuming his sleeping pose in front of the log fire. When he is snoring like a good ‘un we clear away his toys and get some sleep while we can.  

But guess what? We wouldn’t trade him for the world!  

Skellys – Wellington 

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