Wednesday, August 31st, 2011


" Benson "


Benson James Noone was officially 12 weeks old on Thursday. And what an active wee boy he is. Although he is no longer that wee anymore already being bigger than my aunties bison and cousins Schnauzer.

This week has been filled with firsts. He had his first shower, which he didn’t actually hate and was a very very good boy. He went in the water for the first time, didn’t swim but he got his belly wet. He went on the lead for the first time, not really sure who was walking who in that situation. He also found his voice which everyone here is so thrilled about (NOT), especially with his constant need to vocalise everything on his mind.

Benson has also decided that if he is going to be living here full time he needed to be more helpful around the house and now helps out with the chores. Loading the washing machine, he hasn’t seemed to have grasped that you put the dirty clothes into the washing machine and not take them out of it. Folding of towels and sheets, he has found that first you need to stretch them with a little game of tug and war before you do any folding. The removal of laundry off the line, although apparently it being dry is really just an option and not a necessity. And of coarse Gardening, in which he has taken on himself the redesigning of mother’s garden including the removal of plants where he’s fit, the pruning of any overhanging shrubbery and the digging of holes in preparation of future transplants.

After getting his injections early at 10 weeks, Benson was cleared for walks at the parks which has really been a life saver with at points Mother and I considering changing his name to Cerberus as he was the puppy from hell, just so much energy ! Now that he can go for walks, he has his moments but generally is a lovely, cuddly boy. Although he is finding it a little scary out there in the big bad world and doesn’t stray far due to all the noise cars, sirens and terrifying bicycles.

Milo has taken Benson under her wing in recent weeks and is really wonderful and extremely tolerant of him, especially with his new found entertainment of biting her tail and hanging off her neck. Even then she is often found cleaning him from head too toe. He is used to the car completely and is very confident in the back although he still likes to cuddle into Milo’s belly from time to time. He is adjusting to his cage and doesnt cry nearly as much.

Overall, Benson is a growing puppy with way too much energy but we love him more and more with each passing day, even though he makes us want to tear our hair out sometimes. I have attached a couple of photos for you.

Hope all is well with you and the girls and you are enjoying your new found freedom.

Kind Regards,
Samantha Noone


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