Hawkshead, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Bridget Jones has been associated with Makarora since 2003. A New Zealand-born all-season mountain girl, she is well-travelled globally and was attracted to this part of the world on her return home after living in Scotland for many years.

She has her own beliefs and wisdom of the area and the best kept secret of her wilderness environment speaks for itself… every single day captures something special.

Hosting guests from overseas is paramount to her and with her natural, warm personality, Bridget will make every endeavour that your experience in Makarora is a truly memorable one.

Labradors are Bridget’s biggest passion and she is a Retired Registered Breeder. Keeping to a very specialised breeding programme, her puppies are raised in a free range lifestyle on her property bordering the banks of the Makarora River before  being homed to approved families throughout New Zealand.

Tramping at altitude brings Bridget total fulfilment and a deep appreciation that to have access to such a spectacular wilderness is a privilege, not a right. Tramping is just one of the many adventures that come with this area – there is horse trekking, jet boating, heli-skiing, deer stalking and some of the best trout fishing in the world!

As a local in the Central Otago area for more than ten years, Bridget knows it well. Building NZ itineraries for travellers marking special points of interest and offering many choices for your next destination is what comes naturally to her.

Landscape photography is very much a part of her world and Bridget never leaves home without her camera! Every day there are moments to take the breath away – a change in light, a change in mood, all of which engage her heart, her spirit, her love for what she sees through the lens… and it is worth every moment!