Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Your Wedding Day is all about Right Timing


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So you’ve decided where to get married, the dress you will wear, who your guests will be, but have you decided WHEN to have your wedding??

You may not want a long engagement but careful consideration needs to be given to the right timing of your special day.

Should your plans be for an outdoor wedding, then without question, your day needs to be during the finer months…..but even so, there’s still no guarantee the sun will shine on your special day and it’s always sheer luck picking a date to have good weather whatever the season!

And because you want everything to be absolutely right for your special day, it’s very important that the special people you want are with you!  So before setting your date, make sure you check with those special to you to ensure they are available…..then work around their commitments and your own.

You may find you have a number of friends who are also planning their own wedding.  So when an invitation arrives for the week scheduled after your wedding (while you’re on honeymoon!) you don’t want to be disappointed that you can’t be with them.  This dilemma is often the case with a number of couples who are invited to several weddings in the space of a few months of their own!

So if you have friends planning their marriage, take this into consideration when choosing your date and a friendly chat about your dates may go a long way to avoid disappointment for everyone!

And don’t forget, the more notice you can give your venue of choice, the more likely it will be free for your chosen date.

Then it’s up to you both to make it the most wonderful day of your lives!


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