Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

When Pain meets Joy

Poppy, 1st born and the runt. However she is determined......

Poppy, 1st born and the runt. However she is determined……


Have you ever stopped to think what a breeder experiences during  whelp to ensure her bitch is safe after stillborn pups, the risk of infection, dehydration, mastitis and loss of calcium

I am a breeder, I am passionate, I am very loyal to my bitches and I would do absolutely anything needed to keep her unharmed from the way of nature

When you hold your puppy for the very first time, it will take me back to the very first time I held your pup at birth – a new born life, one either ready to arrive into this world with attitude or a real little fighter being furiously massaged to get oxygen!

Driving a 130 km round trip to my Vet Clinic in the middle of long whelp to get x-rays is what I was prepared to do – it was midnight and in driving rain

Rea is healthy and fit and also an experienced  mother but that doesn’t mean one day she wouldn’t experience a difficult whelp….and this time she did

But my beautiful Rea has beaten the odds and has 4 beautiful pups….she is so into her brood and within two days, all the difficulties have been forgotten and she is a wonderful mum

Breeding Labradors is not always easy…there can be pain

But when your puppy goes home with you, there will be only much joy

With my warmest regards



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