Monday, November 21st, 2011

Socialising Your Labrador


" Bliss "


Early socialisation is essential to owning a well adjusted dog.

Once your puppy has completed all their vaccinations, they are then able to enter the big wide world. It is also important to have control of your puppy. Pre school is an excellent way to socialise your puppy, meeting and greeting similar age and size dogs and available in most areas through your vet or dog training club.

General obedience is a progression from Pre school. Obedience classes are for both you and the dog. You learn about respecting each other and the correct ways of training and control. A Labrador is naturally protective and you should not show any sign of aggression. You have the responsibility to the breed to ensure you have control at all times. An uncontrollable dog can be dangerous and with incorrect or no training, is no fault of the dog.

All dogs love to please, so make training an enjoyable time for both of you. Reward and praise your puppy as much as you can when they do good. A small piece of food always works. Puppies are sensitive, a firm “NO” will suffice and your puppy will soon learn the difference between the good and the bad. They are smart!

If you encourage any training to be fun, your puppy will look forward to it.

Introduce a lead for Pre School and Obedience. A soft collar with a strong good quality leash. Some breeders introduce pups to collars before homing which makes the transition slightly easier before you walk on the lead.

A reputable breeder will ensure the early stages of socialising has taken place with interaction of people and handling of puppies between 6 and 8 weeks old.

Remember all Dog Breeds love Routine Whatever their Environment Is.


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