Hawkshead Puppies

Welcome to Hawkshead Labradors

Even though I am now a retired registered breeder, I retain a very strong criteria for breeding and am as passionate about my family dogs as I am about the puppies.  I put extreme care and good management into all of them and when the time comes to hand them over to you, I feel immense pride.

Once I have notified all interested parties of Amber’s mating and her whelping date, your confirmation is required for either a bitch or a dog.  A $200 deposit is required to secure your puppy and the remaining balance due one week before homing.  When the deposit is paid I send through hip/elbow scoring certificates and eye certificates of the dam.

The puppies are wormed every 2 weeks, they have their first vaccination at 6 weeks, then their second puppy vaccination at 3 months old (this is also the ideal time to microchip them).  Thereafter, an annual vaccination.

Puppies begin the weaning process at 3 weeks old.  They are introduced to outdoors, the kennel, solid food and they sleep apart from their mum for the first time.  The first 24 hours of this separation is naturally hard for the pups but they quickly bond together and when my management begins, the pups respond very well to a routine which continues until they are homed at 8 weeks.

The puppies solids, 3 times a day, is Blackhawk and Amber is also fed this from the time she whelps right through to when the pups are homed.  She is an excellent mother and during the day will feed them right up until the pup leaves.  Also having Rea around, between the two of them they have the pups well occupied.

An ideal time to visit your puppy is at around 4 to 5 weeks and this is when they are named and collared. They are running around, developing their own little personalities and are very responsive to play time and I always encourage owners to visit as often as possible after making their choice.  All puppies in the litter are collared and named at 6 weeks for their debut at the Vets.

From 4 weeks old the pups are in a kennel environment with runs. They fairly much have a free run during the day with Rea while they learn all about the garden, textures, dirt and climbing anything foreign!  They become real dogs from this age, becoming very adventurous and retrieving back to their beds!!  I usually bed them down with dinner about 6pm.

There will be a sale and purchase agreement to sign when you collect your puppy.  I will also deliver your puppy to you if circumstances require in which case a puppy carrier needs to be supplied should I have to freight throughout New Zealand.

You will receive a Puppy Vaccination Log Book and you also need to record your worming dates in the Log Book.  Usual practice for domestic dogs is every 3 months for All Worm and for rural dogs every 6 weeks for Tapeworm and All Worm respectively.

I hope the information in these notes is of assistance to you and I have every confidence you are going to enjoy many years of loyalty and love from your Hawkshead Labrador.

Bridget Jones