Wednesday, August 31st, 2011


" Maisie "

Its all very quiet round here since all my babies left for their own adventures !!
As a Mum – just want to know how everything is going, hope you are behaving, best student in training class, working that nose ready for hunting season, eating everything, found your favourite place to hang out, stopped chewing your bed, well and truly house trained, a good car passenger, a good cuddler, and most of all being loved.

I have loved getting all your photos, and keep sending them – because I will always be your mum

Paws for You – Rea xxx

15 August 2011

Hi Mum – here are the things I have been doing lately:
  • saying “nah” 6 times too often
  • running off when I know I’m in trouble
  • leaping at passer’s by thus curtailing my freedom walks
BUT  I am:
  • My new Mum’s darling
  • Loved to bits
  • I will try to not lunge at people and cyclists as soon as I possibly can
  • I sleep all night
  • My Mum has to get me up in the mornings as I like a lie in (she’s very happy with this bit)
  • I eat everything and am getting strong.
  • My coat’s glossy
  • A dear wee pup who everyone (even passers by) say is gorgeous.
So relax, you did a good job and I’ll see you at the picnic!
Your No 1 Pup! Always!


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