Hawkshead Labradors

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“I’m not an… until you get bored of me dog, until you find a new partner dog, until you have a baby dog, until I have to move dog, until you get a new job dog, until I get old dog, until I need a vet dog, I am a forever dog… and if you can’t give me forever… then I am not your dog.”

Purebred Labrador Breeder

Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand

Breeder: Bridget Jones


  • Sasha – Taprue Black Velvet
  • Rea  –  Hawkshead Velvet Sash
  • Amber  – Loyal Retreat Shining Amber – Current Dam ( Yellow )


  • Kam – Minlitevenn At Last
  • Rocky – Flagstaff Black Bear
  • Tai – Muirhawk Black Haggis
  • Rua – Southerly Up To The Trigg
  • Ollie – Southerly Raincheck
  • Brock – Haeata Looking South – Current Sire ( Chocolate )


  • Hip/Elbow Scoring and Certificates – Dam
  • Eye Certification – Dam
  • PRA / EIC  Certification – Dam
  • Registration Papers – Dam & Sire
  • Worming from 3 weeks old
  • Vaccinated at 6 weeks old
  • Raised on 1/2 an acre and in a kennel from 3 weeks
  • Socialised and disciplined from 3 weeks
  • Hunting and Family Pets
  • Not to be Bred – Pet Only

Breeding Lines

Taprue Black Velvet

  • Rocheby Sailing along Follytower
  • Lymington Shes Blushing
  • Arimus Sweet Sensation

Hawkshead Velvet Sash 

  • Taprue Black Velvet
  • Malibu Surfer Girl
  • Lancaster of Magnuscanis

Loyal Retreat Shining Amber – Current Dam ( Yellow )

  • Eraky the Opener
  • Rodorbal Brillant Star
  • Croftsway Touch of Frost

Minlitevenn at Last

  • Sarasota Unforgetable
  • Marfell Seafarer
  • Daydreamer of Bracken

Flagstaff Black Bear

  • Flagstaff Fullon
  • Amvikal McKillops
  • Saltmeadow Rugby at Kahilani

Muirhawk Black Haggis

  • Hope of Waironui
  • Tintagelwinds Xanthus
  • Syd of Greybanks

Southerly Up To The Trigg

  • Berolee William Trigg
  • Southerly Onyx
  • Guidelines Double or Quits
Southerly Raincheck
  • Roughfield Right as Rain
  • Blackboy Treacle Tart
  • Southerly into the Night
Haeata Looking South – Current Sire – Chocolate
  • Blackhills Yale
  • Berolee William Trigg
  • Amvikal Summer Surprise

All enquiries are most welcome

A Mating is Scheduled in June 2020 – Amber and Brock

This current litter born on the 14th August are all SOLD.

This is Hawkshead Labradors final litter until further notice.

Puppies raised in a ‘free range’ lifestyle, thus enabling them to be ‘dogs’, to explore and encounter different textures, smells and surfaces from 4-8 weeks.

Hawkshead Labradors are renowned for their personality, their temperament and all round good nature to adapt to any given environment.

Enquiries are most welcome and for further details please do not hesitate to contact Bridget on (03) 4436183 or Mobile: 021921561