Puppies are Precious

My mum is very pleased to know I am going to such a loving family and I am so looking forward to sharing my new home with you all.

My mum has been so good to me feeding me yummy milk till I was 8 weeks old and when my great grandma gets out that wiz 3 times a day I just cant wait – because I’m hungry!!

I have been vaccinated and wormed regularly and all the details are recorded in my Log Book.

I have been brought up on Hills Science Diet – Puppy Maintenance for all my meals  which gives me all the formula I need for my growing muscles and bones.  However, if you want to feed me something else which is equally nutritious, I’m sure I’ll like that just as much!

I have 1 cup each mealtime, and I really love chewing on raw bones because they are good for my teeth and gums. That’s usually been a treat for me in the afternoon.

I’m used to being fed breakfast at 8, lunch at 1 and dinner at 6.  A little treat snack when I am put to bed settles me down for the night and I also learn that bedtime is a good place!

When I was with my brothers ands sisters we were always very good when night time came and never made any noise because when we woke during the night, we just played with each other till mum came to see us in the mornings.  If I do cry at night, it’s only that I want a little attention because it’s not easy to suddenly be on my own. I like to play with lots of my own toys between mealtimes and then I get so tired I go off and have a wee sleep.

Playtime has been so much fun playing with mum and grandma as much as I could but sometimes I have to play on my own because I know they have to have their own space too.  I always have a large bowl of fresh water for when I get thirsty, especially on those really hot days, but I always find a cool shady spot to play and sleep.

I need to exercise but nothing too strenuous like running up and down steep hills or beside the car and jumping in and out of a car is a real no no!.  I can go for short walks but not too far for a while because my wee body is growing really fast and I need time to develop properly.

Most of the time I’m a really good puppy….I’m developing and exploring and learning the rules of the house, so if you find me doing something I shouldn’t, please don’t scold me, because like my mum, I am very sensitive.

I simply need to be taught the difference between the irrigation, the furniture and shoes from my own toys, which in time I will play with because I know they are mine.  I love to be praised when I am doing all the good things!….I feel I’m really growing up!

I promise to be loyal to you, to be your best friend, to be your shadow and to love you.

All I ask in return is to be really loved and cared for because I’m very, very special to my mum, to my grandma Sasha and my great-grandma Bridget.

Last of all… a very big THANK YOU for choosing me to be yours!