Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Four Tips To a Healthy Dog

Bella & Woody


PLAY – Dogs do not outgrow play but actively pursue throughout their lives. Unhealthy, unhappy dogs do not play. Play is a barometre of well being indicating a dog is in good health, well fed and content.

CHECK- UPS – Annual physical examinations by a vet is important to provide optimal health care and quality longevity. Dogs are very good at hiding pain and illness.

DIET – Dog nutrition continues to advance. A healthy, well balanced, daily intake of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and supplemented by fresh food, and fresh clean cool water is best for dogs. 

MONITOR – Your dog for activity level, appetite, urine, water intake and bowel movement for any irregularities.

Owning a Dog teaches parenting. The first thing about being a father is Protection and Direction. It’s the leadership part. Fathers are more protective and disciplinary whilst mothers are more instinctual and nurturing.

Bloat – is a dangerous condition and expensive to treat. Symptoms of this condition are Pacing, Restlessness, Unproductive attempts to Vomit. Major causes of Bloat are food related. Don’t feed your dog only once a day. Your dog’s meals should not just consist of dry food. Don’t allow your dog to drink a large amount of water straight after a meal. No heavy activity / exercising after a meal. Eating slower and not allowing your dog to gulp down their food.


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