Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

A lovely Puppy request…..

We spoke earlier today after being recommended to you for my new Labrador Pup. I know each puppy has its own personality but at this stage we’ll call my new boy Flynn. I don’t mind if he’s yellow or black, just so long as he enjoys the outdoors.

My wife and I live in Northwood Christchurch, we have a rough reserve across the street with a wee stream, some willows and often ducks where Jake my current Lab enjoys playing in winter or summer. I’ve had Lab’s my whole life as my family has always been keen on hunting, Flynn will be a hunting dog with ducks the first weekend of May then mostly Quail through to the end of August with the odd duck hunt if the weather is rough. In September he will get a bit of a rest and have to learn to sit quietly by the river while we go White baiting – usually not very successfully. White baiting lasts through until the end of November but from October we go fishing for Trout and a little later Salmon too so he’ll have to get used to riding in the jet boat, something Jake isn’t that fond of. From about Christmas time onward through to the end of March Flynn’s exercise will mostly be after dinner up the Waimak which is only about 5 minutes’ drive otherwise he’ll get a walk for an hour or so five nights a week, rain hail or even snow.

Flynn’s accommodation is a secure run outdoors with kennel, a roof for shade and shelter and an open area where he can stretch out to lay in the sun. He will only be in the run when we’re both out and at night. when we’re home he’ll be out to chew the irrigation and dig in my garden – for a start anyway.. Whilst I don’t have my dogs roaming around the house once he’s learnt to stay on his mat he’ll be allowed to lay inside by the door which is right beside the couch so he’ll be able to get a few pats.

Most importantly he’ll be part of the family, loved and well behaved around people and other dogs – not so much cats.

One last thing he’ll never be a fat Labrador – my vet always says to me that he wishes everyone would keep their dogs in such good condition.




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